Test Project


  • Full range of the more common chemical tests
  • Blood chemistry profiles
Anatomical Pathology
  • Postmortem examinations and histology
  • Complete histological examination of tissues submitted in formalin
  • Specific diagnostic tests by immunohistochemical methods
  • Cytology
Serology, Immunology & Molecular Diagnostic Tests
  • Full range of serological tests
  • Antigen tests including PCR tests
  • Culture and sensitivity tests of bacterial and fungal infections
  • Herd health samples of milk for culture and sensitivity
  • Identification of external and internal parasites in production and companion animals
Specialised Testing
  • Sheath wash examinations for Tritrichomonas and Campylobacter infections, including a PCR test
  • Development of animal specific PCR tests in conjuction with the PathCare PCR Laboratory
  • Testing of skin samples for bovine viral disease persistently infected cattle
  • Trace element analysis on liver and blood samples

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August 31, 2016

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